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  • The book: Leg Up, The Courage to Dream
  • One Father's 13-year Journey to Transform the Lives of Thousands of Children
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Leg Up will inspire every reader to have the courage to dream…and the tenacity to succeed.

When Louie's daughter Brooke was diagnosed with special needs, he started on a 13-year journey that soon transformed the lives of thousands of children. From the heartbreaking detail of his daughter's struggle, to uplifting stories of love between children and animals, this heartwarming memoir is a must read.

About the Author

(New Freedom, Pennsylvania) Louis J. Castriota, Jr., left successful corporate career to create a first-of-its-kind therapeutic center for children with special needs. He is an award-winning innovator and speaker.

"Leg Up Farm is an extraordinary place and Louis Castriota is its passionate, relentless visionary."

-Dr. Wanda D. Filer, Strategic Health Institute

Book Reviews

Karen Sutton Greiss

“This book is just fantastic..couldn’t put it down till it was done!”


Carmen Iosif-Clark

“Read it, check. Cried, Check.”


Amy Costik

“I'm sitting here reading Louie's book! I don't know how someone can take a vision, create a physical place and turn that place into a feeling....but it's happened.”


Julie Groscost

“This book is amazing. Everyone needs to read it and be inspired to help others. DREAMS really do come true. Leg Up Farm is living proof of this.. You will not be able to put it down once you start to read it.”


Melinda Lubrano Vargas

“Picked up my copy of the book Wednesday evening (while my daughter was receiving therapies) and finished reading tonight...LOVED it! I am so glad my daughter Kayla is able to attend Leg Up Farm! She started receiving speech, occupational and physical therapies during this past year. She is now...


Tina Leese

“I read the Leg Up book over the weekend. Many part's made me cry and I could not see the words on the paper. When I read the part's on Brooke it was like I was reading my own family's story. And thinking back to the years our daughter went to school with Brooke. What story's they could have...


Kathy Kauffman

“Leg Up will warm your heart and bring a tear to your eye, as you learn how children, with seemingly insurmountable challenges, see their time at Leg Up Farm, not as a chore, but a fun and exciting adventure as they do their various therapies, making great strides and achieving many miracles in...